Have you SWITCHED for the Holidays?

Tom and I just got back from SanAntonio. While there, we, of course, spent a lovely evening on the RiverWalk/Cruise again. We were a week too early to see the Holiday lights,but the gondola driver told us the city was installing three times the lights that they’ve had in the past.

Well, we all like festive lighting, but this certainly didn’t sound too environmentally based. ….Until he told us the entire lighting cost would only be a fraction of last years’ cost!  HOW?

They switched for the holidays! Today’s LED Holiday lights are reliable, fairly inexpensive and EXTREMELY economical to use. They will pay for themselves in a very short time, and continue to be economical to use for a long, long time, because they last much longer than any of our bulbs. Besides–there are no bulbs to break or go out.

L.E.D. stands for light emitting diodes; they are not bulbs at all, but produce a good white light (the current ones, not the earlier ones).

Although LEDs began being marketed about ten years ago, they were mainly used as novelty accent lighting for commercial buildings. As technology has progressed, LEDs are moving into offices and are just beginning to be seen in our homes. Recessed lighting seems to be the best interior method of handling LEDs at this point….in addition to strings  of light. They are the new lightinhg technology. Isnt it time to switch?

Remember your interior and exterior surroundings need to fit YOU like your favorite shoe fits you, in order to be functional and attractive. Ask yourself…..”Does the Shoe FIT?” If not, contact us; we are the experts in interior spaces and yard space. You’ll be glad you called or wrote us.

Simple Steps to Curb Appeal–Part 2

The last post was on curb appeal–bigger items your home might need. This post, let’s discuss those smaller items. These are tips from Money Magazine, the people who know what is worth while and what isn’t. (And I’ve added some details)  This is a good time to handle curb appeal–before the snow begins!

1) What about exterior lighting? We’ve written about it before, but what do YOU have? Shiny brass or solid black isn’t as “today” as finishes like antiqued copper, bronze or brushed nickel.

2) Your house numbers and other hardware may also need an updated finish, as those suggested above.

3) Have blooming flowers as long as your locale allows–and then tasteful winter landscape looks with interesting bare shapes, textures, and colors. (Think of some things like Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick, tall grasses that don’t droop in the snow like switchgrass, and color like redtwig dogwood–something similar for your yard.)

4) Paint your home in subdued colors of nature, muted greens, deep reds, pale yellows–for a peaceful look. Bright high-contrast colors exaggerate a house’s flaws.

Remember, you want the home to be appealing, but it can also reflect YOU. Our homes should fit us like our favorite shoes. Ask yourself, “Does the Shoe….FIT?” If you need some help, contact us. We are the interior/exterior design experts.


Welcome to DOES THE SHOE……FIT?  blog! Let’s share a discussion about all the areas of interior and exterior home design and decoration. On the 15th and 30th of each month, we’ll share thoughts, answer questions, and perhaps discuss the work of a famous designer as inspiration.

You may want solid information to solve a problem. You realize the “trends” seldom relate to your personal lives and budgets. You can “see through” the entertaining, staged television shows on design. You know that pretty pictures don’t answer your questions. For these reasons I became a designer and professional speaker on design. Audiences have gone wild with my informative workshops; you may enjoy the same interchange here.

This blog is fashioned after my speaking presentations by the same name, “Does the Shoe….FIT?” Your homes ought to fit your personal ways of living, your style, and your home’s architecture, the way a favorite shoe fits. Would you think of wearing steel toed construction shoes with a formal gown? Would you try to get into a shoe 4 sizes too small? The shoe has to fit the activity in order to perform well. So too, must your homes, in order to give you peace, functionality, beauty, and a place that works well for the way you entertain.

Here’s an example of what I mean: I live in a mountain canyon in Colorado. Up here, you wouldn’t wear spike high-heeled shoes when mountain climbing—even though some advertising touts a particular high-heeled shoe as the “shoe of the year.” Even though you’ve seen a gorgeous movie star wear this shoe for such feats as walking through the desert for a week, climbing up the mast of a sailing ship, and running away from a hungry lion! The fact remains, the shoe isn’t appropriate for mountain climbing! Just as the right shoe fits your activity and personality, so too your homes must fit. You deserve to have them fit your lifestyle, personality, and the architecture that you live in….not vice versa.

I am not a professional writer, and may not even have all the answers! But with decades of design experiences, awards, and recognitions behind me, I intend to give you a new slant or viewpoint to deal with the areas you live and work in. Feel free to send me your comments and topic suggestions.

I look forward to meeting again December 30th, or shortly thereafter!

Sharon Breay, ASID